Joey Brackets Chat Chock Full ‘O PC References

dave@friarblog —  March 13th, 2009 10:05 PM
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Lunardi’s responses aren’t really surprising here, given he no longer has PC among the LAST EIGHT OUT.

Joe Lunardi Chat Friday Afternoon

jeremy compton(berkeley springs, WV) [via mobile]: With the obvious dominance of the big east teams (we ‘could’ have 3 #1 seeds but that won’t happen) why not let Providence in? yes, they looked terrible against L’ville (oh that is right L’ville could easily walk away with a national title and may be the #1 team in the country) but I think they dominate or at least handle a Mich, Md, Kan…..should I go on? time to give props and the big east is IT in college basketball! If I am duke and given a #2 seed because I ‘use’ to be good. I am praying to any basketball god that will listen “PLEASE don’t let WVU, SYC, Nova be in my bracket”. because we are not good enough to beat them.

SportsNationJoe Lunardi: Providence has had plenty of chances to earn an at-large bid. With one or two exceptions it has not gone their way. Doesn’t have anything to do with being in the “it” conference.

Woh, first of all, this guy wrote all that from a mobile device?  Man alive I hope he didn’t use one of those crappy phones without a keypad, where you have to press 1 twice just to get a “B”.  Second of all, nice question!

Jimmy (Chesapeake, VA): Who is the best team who is going to miss out of the NCAA tournament and probably going to the NIT? Rhode Island, Davidson, Temple, or Providence?

SportsNationJoe Lunardi: None of these, Eric, and certainly not Rhode Island or Providence. How about Arizona? Or Florida? Or UNLV? Or a potentially healthy Saint Mary’s? Or Creighton?

Wait, so are you saying you like Providence? I’m not clear.

Chris (Providence): Any chance Providence gets in like Air Force did a few years ago?

SportsNationJoe Lunardi: Always a chance, but this committee is smarter than that. Plus, Providence is way more qualified than Air Force in 2006

Ok fine.

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