The Offseason, Bobbleheads, and Twitter(!)

dave@friarblog —  May 5th, 2009 2:08 PM
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As you may have noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here since the end of the season.  It’s not that Friarblog has given up on his beloved Friars, it’s just that he is not accustomed to following college basketball in the month of May.  Recruiting is obviously the dominating talk in the spring/summer, so the information is limited for me.  Perhaps I can give a weekly update on that front?

In other big news, I FINALLY GOT A RYAN GOMES BOBBLEHEAD!!!  How you ask?  The wonderful world of Twitter.  I know Twitter is the latest buzzword that seemingly everyone is talking about, but every day I find another interesting use for it.  Friarblog has had an account since the beginning of the site (FOLLOW FRIARBLOG ON TWITTER), and during the season I interacted with a bunch of great Friar fans.  A few months ago, the PC Athletics office jumped into the world of Twitter and they have done an excellent job.  In addition to syndicating their newsfeed and promoting PC sports, they held a trivia contest throughout the month of April.  Every few days they gave a question about various PC teams and the answer was somewhere on  It was definitely fun, and at the end of the month I held on to the lead.  A few days later, I had a Ryan Gomes bobblehead on my front steps!  Twitter FTW.

What is Twitter?  It’s hard to pin down an exact definition, because there are so many ways to use.  It’s basically a messaging service with each message having a 140 character limit.  You can post from the web, your cell phone, a desktop app.  You can Interact with friends, live post during a game, promote something.  Also, with trends and search, you can see what others are talking about THIS SECOND.

If you are not on Twitter yet and want to get started here are a few quick tips:

1.  It helps if you start by following some people you know.  Most people sign up, post an update and just give up.  Start interacting with people from the get-go!

2.  Get a desktop app (I use Seesmic).  Using Twitter on the web is kinda clunky.  With a desktop app, you can automatically get updates and get notified when someone replies to you.

3.  Find people!  WeFollow is a Twitter directory so you can find users by categories.

So, If you are on Twitter, follow these guys!

* Friarblog – not much activity lately, but will rock out during the season!

* PCAthletics – official account of PC Athletics

* davidpean – My personal account.  I like TV and Baseball.  Yankees fans, hit me up! Red Sox fans, get bent! :)

* DunkinDonuts – just because!


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