New Friars Web Resources This Season

dave@friarblog —  October 28th, 2009 1:43 AM
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As Friartown continues to grow in its fanbase, so does its presence on the web.  This season, Friar fans have a bunch of new resources to check out on their daily search for everything Providence College Basketball (in addition to Friarblog of course!). – Official Website of Coach Keno Davis

In addition to his frequently updated Twitter account created last summer, Coach Davis has recently launched a slick new website that looks to be very promising for the upcoming season.  In addition to his blog posts, videos, and pictures, there are placeholder pages for listening to his weekly radio show, and watching his weekly tv show.  You can also submit questions, and he’ll even post his responses directly to the site.  It should be a great way for fans to stay connected to the Coach.

Providence Friars Basketball – New blog

The PFB looks to have started over the summer (and most definitely did a WAY better job than yours truly doing updates in the offseason — I just go into hardcore baseball mode, I just can’t help it!).  From the about page:

Over the course of the season we will bring you pre-game thoughts, post-game wrap-ups, looks around the Big East, and anything else that comes up.  In the off-season we will try to keep Friar Fanatics up to date on any major recruiting developments as well as how former Friars are doing as they continue on with their basketball careers.

They already have a bunch of great content, so can’t wait to see what’s in store for the season.

The Friar Faithful – Student Group Dedicated to PC Athletics

This new Friar site helps promote and organize the Student Group that helps spread the word about all PC athletics.  They have some general information and news headlines so far, but some of their sections are still under works.

From their Constitution:

The Friar Faithful support all 19 varsity athletic sports and provides a way for students to cheer on their Friars, get involved on campus, and meet new people. Being a part of the Friar Faithful is a great way to spread enthusiasm for our Friars, maintain the honor and tradition that has followed Providence Athletics, and give back to the community.

Be sure to check out these new great sites throughout the season.  I’ll be definitely linking to all the interesting content that is going to come out of them!

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