A Tale of Two Guards

dave@friarblog —  October 28th, 2009 1:45 PM
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In catching up with some stuff from last weekend, I saw two articles focused on Friar guards that I thought were interesting.

Peter Gobis from the Sun Chronicle takes a look at incoming Freshman Johnny Lacy, who has great potential to really take Keno Davis’ up tempo style of play to the next level.

Friars Start Tuning Up

You just can’t win many games in the Big East Conference without a rudder in the backcourt. The Providence College Friars have one in senior Sharaud Curry. The Friars are hoping that Lacy, a top 20 point guard prospect last season in various scouting services, can become efficient and effective in his role – forget about the points.

Lacy, along with another Friar freshman Vincent Council out of Lincoln High in Brooklyn, N.Y., is being groomed as the point guard of PC’s future, so much so that Davis is tinkering with Curry playing more in the off-guard role

In contrast, Kevin McNamara writes about a veteran Friar who showed great potential early in his career, but had a disastrous season last year as a Junior.

A fresh start for McKenzie and Friars

“It happens,” said Davis. “We had so many seniors on that team that Brian wasn’t really given the opportunity to kind of shoot himself back in it. We were fortunate to have other guys shoulder the load.”

“It’s not something you can put your figure on as to what really happened,” said Davis, “but what he’s been able to do is improve his game in the last year so that he doesn’t have to just rely on his shot. If there happens to be a game or a week that he’s not shooting well, he can help the team in other areas. He can be one of the best defensive players in our league, and that’s something we can rely on night in and night out.”

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