Marshon Brooks and the Paul Pierce Skills Academy

dave@friarblog —  October 28th, 2009 7:46 PM
Spread the word has a great read about Marshon Brooks’ experience at this past summer’s Paul Pierce Skills Academy (a Nike sponsored training workshop).

The players were mentored by former NBA coaches and players during the sessions, and Brooks benefited greatly from working with former Cleveland Cavaliers guard/forward Craig Ehlo.

“Craig gave me pointers on my jump shot and showed me that I tend to change my shot in different situations,” Brooks said. “He told me I should make the most out of every shot, hold my follow-through and more shots will fall for me.”

There was no mention if Marshon was taught how to defend Michael Jordan buzzer beaters, then not look like you were just kicked in the butt and knocked off the court by Mr. Nike himself.

Marshon also had the opportunity to match up one-on-one with Pierce himself. The eight-time NBA All-Star played tight defense on Brooks, making him work to find open shots while denying him the ball. Pierce also spent time with Brooks and the other college players, stressing the importance of developing the proper workout and conditioning regimen necessary to compete at the professional level.

Sounds like an amazing experience for Marshon, one that will definitely pay off in another long and grueling BIG EAST season.

Check out the full article on here.

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