BMac Featured in SNY’s "Get to know the players of the Big East"

dave@friarblog —  November 8th, 2009 7:00 PM
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This is a few weeks old, but you may have missed it like myself while watching a certain great franchise run through the playoffs on their way to a 27th title.  Anyways, SNY had a fun little article interviewing some BIG EAST players on various topics.   PC’s senior guard Brian McKenzie took part.

Q: I’ve read that you’re a Heat fan even though you’re from Brooklyn.
Brian McKenzie, Providence: Well I’m more of a Dwyane Wade fan. But right now I like watching the Nuggets most.
Q: Assuming the Nets move to Brooklyn, will that change things?
BM: It definitely will. Brooklyn is in my heart and it’s who I am. If they [the Nets] moved there, that’s who I’d have to pull for. Q: Tell me about the role Brooklyn has played in forming this team.
BM: We grew up together. Myself, Jamine Peterson and Vincent Council. Every time someone from Brooklyn comes up [to Providence] to visit they see that we’re here having fun, working together, getting a great education all while playing a high level of basketball. The connection is there, and it continues to grow.

Editor’s Note: Sophomore Jamine Peterson, freshman Vincent Council and senior Brian McKenzie all hail from Brooklyn.

Q: Video games?
BM: I’m not a big video game guy, but I do touch the sticks when it comes to “Mortal Combat VS. DC.” I’m pretty unstoppable when it comes to that game. No one on the team can beat me at that game. That’s my game.

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