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dave@friarblog —  November 9th, 2009 2:44 PM
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Over the past week has been releasing a lot of new recruiting and High School Basketball features to get ready for the new College Basketball season.  Here are some interesting new pages.

  • Best and Worst by Category – Breaks down entire NCAA classes by wins, losses, and tourney appearances.
  • Best/Worst Freshman Classes – Which class had the biggest / worst impact based on three metrics: Winning %, NCAA Tourney %, NBA Draft picks.
  • Recruiting by Conference – breakdown of the Top 100 recruits by class in the BIG EAST.  Here is a shocker: The 2008 class was the best!  It also lists all the Top 100 recruits who have played in the conference.
  • Recruiting by Team – The data is um, a little thin for our Friars, but you can view all the Top 100 recruits data by any other team as well.
  • Impact Players and Most Disappointing Recruits – To my surprise, DeSean White did not make the latter.  Maybe they players had to play all four years?

Note: Since 1998, Dwight Brewington (2003), Gerald Brown (2004), and DeSean White are PC’s only Top 100 recruits.  According to the Number of top recruits by team, this total is pretty low on the list (which I’m sure I didn’t have to tell you that).  Hey, we are TWO up on URI!

Anyways, kudos to Robbie at StatSheet for more cool features.  You can follow what he is up to on the site via the StatSheet blog, or follow them on Twitter.

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