Connecticut College Paper – "We should all set our sights on the Providence College Friars as our most hated rival"

dave@friarblog —  November 10th, 2009 2:40 PM
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So The Daily Campus (a college newspaper in the state of Connecticut that employs more than 120 students during the academic year) has an article this morning basically bitching about our beloved Providence College sports teams.   The PC-UCONN rivalry to me always seemed pretty one way — They are clearly our biggest rivarly in basketball, but UCONN always had a handful of other teams to worry about (especially Syracuse and Georgetown).

Well, we seem to be getting under their fans’ skin as of late.

Apparently our men’s soccer team beat the no 8. Huskies in the BIG EAST tournament last weekend to advance to the Semi-finals (way to go Men’s Soccer team!).  However, something completely unheard of happened.  The Friars CELEBRATED and STORMED the FIELD “as if they’d just won the national championship instead of staying alive in the hunt for a bid in the NCAA tournament”! Hmm, maybe because it was a big upset victory with TWO MINUTES left in OVERTIME!  According to the paper PC didn’t deserve to win anyway, since:

It was luck that got them the ball io the Husky side of the field for the first time in over 50 minutes and a freak bounce of Matt Marcin’s left foot put the shot in literally the only spot where Husky keeper Josh Ford had no chance

I really don’t know much about soccer, but I’m glad we can cause UCONN fans some grief.  Anyways, these celebration shenanigans brought back memories of AJ Price complaining about the Friars basketball team being disrespectful a few years ago in their win at Stoors.  The dunking!  The smiling!  The HORROR!

Since we ruined their little soccer run and beat them a bunch of times in basketball recently (well, not last year), PC should now be considered UCONN’s most hated rival. Here are some great tidbits.

I thought about it and realized there is one team that is roundly hated by most sports on campus and that was made even more clear Saturday night. Providence College has been the bane of almost all sports, except for football, for quite some time and I think we should all set our sights on the Providence College Friars as our most hated rival.

Outrageous celebrations are not new to the Friars

They don’t know how to win because, aside from playing us apparently, they don’t. Providence seemingly has an endless history of downing the men’s basketball team – regardless of how good they are.

Providence has been a thorn in the side of UConn for far too long – follow the lead of Price and Linstad and grow to hate Providence.

“I think A.J. Price said it best in the Hartford Courant,” Linstad said on the eve of the Huskies match-up with Providence in the Hockey East tournament. “If you lose to them they don’t let you forget it. They don’t know how to win the right way.”

Geez, is November too early to whip out the GodFather “Why We Hate UCONN” post?  Well, looks like I just did!

Full Article: When it comes to finding UConn’s top rival, look no further than Providence

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