Is It Appropriate To Use Gambling Odds as Bulletin Board Material? [Gambling is Fun]

dave@friarblog —  November 11th, 2009 2:45 AM
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Before the season starts, I like to check out the NCAA Futures on gambling sites to get a feel for what Vegas thinks of the Friars.  It’s always fun to see what outrageous money line they have us at to win the National Championship.  Last year, BetUS had us at +50,000, meaning for every $100 bones you put down on PC to win it all you would win $50,000.

Looking at the futures for this season, we’ve been upgraded to a nice +20,000! This time, PC is not the lowest BIG EAST team on the list — Marquette comes in with a hefty +25,000.  However, they don’t even list Rutgers this time around (they inexplicably had the same odds as us last year).

OK, so far nothing too crazy — we are most likely not going to win the National Championship, so who cares what the odds are.  However, there seems to be a new futures bet that they didn’t have last year.   Here are the odds to win the BIG EAST Championship.

Cincinnati +3000

Connecticut     +350

Georgetown     +800

Louisville     +350

Marquette     +4000

Notre Dame     +500

Pittsburgh  +1200

Rutgers     +4000

St Johns     + 2500

Seton Hall     +3000

Syracuse     + 1000

Villanova     + 275

West Virginia    +350

Field +2000

Notice anything odd about this list?   Really BetUS?  Lumping us in with South Florida and DePaul in the “Field” odds?  Did you really have to leave out listing Providence College (and show RUTGERS!?!) individually to save TWO LINES of your precious internet page?  Those of us on 2400 baud modems are extremely thankful.   Give us our own bet!

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