Social Media and Recruiting Violations. Be Careful!

dave@friarblog —  November 16th, 2009 6:20 PM
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The folks over at the Villanova blog VUHoops have a great post discussing how fans can potentially get their school in trouble by interacting with potential recruits through social media.

Warning: Recruiting Violations

Just be sure to replace “Villanova” with “Providence” below in this excerpt (heh).

As a Villanova fan with knowledge of a potential recruit’s Twitter account, you should feel free to “follow” these players. You can probably “retweet” their comments as well. However, any “pitch” attached to the retweet as a comment, or any  reply directed at them, or mention of them in a “persuasive” manner could get the program in trouble. Please do NOT message (direct or otherwise) any unsigned recruit on the internet.

If an unsigned recruit follows your Twitter account, feel free to speak highly of Villanova. Talk about how awesome it is to be a Villanova basketball player. Say whatever you want, just leave out the player’s names and DEFINITELY don’t include the “@username” in the tweet.

One secondary violation will probably not result in much for the school, but multiple/repeated violations are considered a “major violation” under Bylaw Intentional contact with a recruit is a Level I secondary violation that Villanova would be required to report to the NCAA immediately (unlike a Level II secondary violation which are accidental and reported quarterly).

Please just keep this in mind as you converse around the internets.

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