Daily Links 11.19.09

dave@friarblog —  November 19th, 2009 5:09 PM
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Let’s try to get this feature going again.

  • Pitino’s accuser could be going to jail for awhile as she faces more charges.  Stay classy Karen Sypher. [WLKY.com]
  • Numerous NCAA Violations Surface at USF…I guess that didn’t pay off, eh? [Fanhouse.com]
  • GREAT SUCCESS! Coach Keno’s recent blog entry after the first weekend of play. [CoachKenoDavis.com]
  • Remember that stupid student article about UCONN whining over PC’s celebrating ways?  Here is The Cowl’s rebuttal. [TheCowl.com]
  • Rough start for Ryan Gomes’ Minnesota Timberwolves.  Hey, at least they have one more win than the Nets! [StarTribune.com]
  • Cheerleader of the Day!  I can get on board with that. [CollegeHoops.net]
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