Sour Road [Game Recaps]

dave@friarblog —  November 22nd, 2009 3:02 PM
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See what I did there?  OK, now that we’ve had all day to cope with the loss, let’s try to put forth some rational thoughts.  Heading into the game everyone knew it was going to be tough to pull out a win on the road.  You would figure that all of the inexperience would come to play a big part in the outcome.  What made this game extremely frustrating was how close the Friars were to pulling off the victory, and how our leaders played such a big role in the events that lead to the loss.  It’s hard to knock Marshon Brooks too much, since he is asked to do so much and played a fantastic offensive game shooting wise.  For Sharaud Curry, you just hope he puts the game behind him and remembers he was the player that drilled multiple 30 foot threes against Nova.

Here are a few other negatives:

  • Foul trouble – When Bilal Dixon gets into foul trouble, the interior defense takes a big hit.  Alabama had no trouble scoring down low in the last 5 minutes of the game.
  • Poor second half shooting – PC had trouble from all spots on the floor, including behind the arc (1-10 second half) and several close finishes.  However, their 21 three point attempts were by far the lowest so far this season (they had 32 each of their first three games)

However, there are some good things to take away from the game (aside from the AMAZING GREEDY AND MARSHON SHOW).

  • Foul shooting – A forward that can get to the line AND make consistent foul shots?  ZOMG!
  • Vincent Council – I am going to admit: Watching the game on the CSTV feed Friday night, it was pretty hard to follow what the f**k was really going on.  The quality was terrible, and I had no announcing.  Most of the time, I really couldn’t tell who had the ball (aside from Brooks and Greedy, who just kept drilling shots).  Therefore, I can’t speak too much on how Council is doing, other than he does not turnover the ball! 13-2 assist/turnover ratio.   Even though he had a rough shooting night, there is a lot to get excited about for this frosh.
  • Duke Mondy – He had another big three late in the game.  I am secretly waiting for his big overall breakout game, so I can write in a headline “SYRACUSE HAS A CASE OF THE MONDY’S!!”


More on the Four Factors

  • When I opened up the StatSheet boxscore for the game, I half expected the FT Rate graph to burst out the top of my monitor.   Both teams did an excellent job getting to the line — that’s going to be the case when the refs call fouls once every 15 seconds, and both teams are in the double-bonus with 5 minutes to go in the game.
  • Providence’s defense relies heavily on trying to force turnovers in a fast paced game.  It’s no wonder that Alabama was able to prevail in the end, since they did such an excellence job in holding on to the ball.  The Tide only had 8 turnovers — and just TWO in the 2nd half.  The Friars had zero points off those two turnovers in the 2nd. Providence was sloppy at the end, and the chart clearly shows that the turnovers were the difference since everything else was so close.
  • Rebounding was pretty even if you look at the entire game.  Interestingly enough, Alabama outperformed the Friars on the glass, despite PC winning the half.  Providence bounced back with an 11-6 edge in offensive rebounds, but got outscored 51-38.  Greedy Peterson and Marshon Brooks not only accounted for more than half the scoring — they also had almost half of the total offensive boards.


Possessions: 72

Efficiency Ratings

PC: 104.2

Alabama: 116.7

Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Mikhail Torrance – Had the play of the game, with the help of Marshon Brooks and Sharaud Curry.  Also had 26 points, but I really couldn’t tell because of the combination of the awful video feed and the lack of a play by play audio feed.

Jamine Peterson – Put the Friars on his back.  Great to see him also kill it at the foul line, going 8-9, including a huge pair to take the lead with just over a minute left.  Yeah, well that lead didn’t hold obviously.

Justin Knock – 11/12 from the foul line.

Marshon Brooks – Played like Paul Pierce in the first half scoring wise.  Coughed the ball up like Brady Quinn.

Sharaud Curry – Not really sure what happened here.  Easily his worst game as a Friar.  Without an injury excuse for the first time in a few years, it’s tough to tell if it was just an off game of the worst proportions, or part of a bigger problem.  Does he miss his buds McDermott, Hanke, and Efejuku?  Who knows.  We do know that Vincent Council is breathing down his neck.  Kinky.

BOX SCORES FOR THE STATS NERDS! Gametracker Boxscore Boxscore


OFFICIAL SCHOOL STUFF Men’s Basketball Defeated At Alabama, 84-75

The Providence College men’s basketball team (3-1) suffered its first defeat of the season in its first road game as the team lost at Alabama (2-1), 84-75. The game was much closer than the final score as there were 16 lead changes and the Friars held a one-point advantage (75-74) with 1:37 remaining in the contest when junior Marshon Brooks (Stone Mountain, Ga.) hit a jump shot to give PC the lead. However, Alabama’s Andrew Steele made a layup off an inbound play with 1:10 left in the game to retake the lead (76-75) and Friars did not score again in the game. Men’s Basketball Beats Providence 84-75

“I wanted the ball,” Torrance said. “I told Coach to look to me to make a big play. I really wanted to come out and do it for my teammates, and Coach gave me a lot of confidence. We came in and Coach Grant gave us a great game plan, and we just wanted to really prepare and come out here and execute that game plan.”

The Crimson White: Torrance, Tide top Providence 84-75

“I’m really proud of the effort our guys gave,” Alabama head coach Anthony Grant said. “I thought it was a great team effort tonight. I thought we had various guys step up in different situations and contribute to the win, and I thought it was a great building block for our team.”

NEWS College Basketball: Alabama 84, PC 75

A late-game meltdown ruined the Friars’ trip to the South as Alabama closed the game on a 10-0 run to beat PC, 84-75. The Friars finished the final minute and a half with two missed 3-pointers, two costly turnovers and one huge defensive lapse. College basketball journal: PC’s Brooks was solid, but turnovers costly

Shaking off the effects of a sore ankle, Brooks scored 14 points in the first half and knocked home the go-ahead basket late in the game to give the Friars a 75-74 lead with 90 seconds left. But two late mistakes with the ball, plus some defensive breakdowns by his teammates cost Brooks the chance to savor a big win with his family. Alabama closed the game on a 10-0 run to beat PC, 84-75. PC’s loss snapped a 41-0 start to the season for Big East teams. Big win for Tide

Alabama fired a warning Friday night about its own potential in year one under Anthony Grant, beating Providence 84-75 before a small – yet spirited – home crowd. The Crimson Tide scored the final 10 points of a back-and-forth game that neither side led by double digits. Tide’s Torrance starts and finishes big as he torches Friars

“Coach was challenging me,” he said. “I really wanted to respond. I’m a se­nior. I know he’s looking to me for leadership. I can’t have any attitude at any­time. I’ve just got to come out and come in every day.”

The point guard came out Friday night and scored a career-high 26 points to lead Alabama (2-1) to an 84-75 victory over Providence (3-1) in a nonconference game at Coleman Coliseum. Tied fries Friars with late run

If the University of Alabama men’s basketball team could put the final 70 seconds of Friday night’s game against Providence in a bottle and use it in concentrated doses for the rest of the season, it just might make the Final Four.

Alabama (2-1), trailing by one point with less than a minute and a half to play, outscored Providence 10-0 down the stretch to take an 84-75 victory at Coleman Coliseum.

It was the Crimson Tide’s first win over a team from the Big East since it defeated Marquette in the 2006 NCAA Tournament. It also marked the first time this season a Big East team dropped a non-conference game after 41 consecutive wins.

Boring-Ass AP Writeup: Torrance leads Alabama over Providence 84-75

After Andrew Steele’s layup gave Alabama a 76-75 lead with 1:10 left, Torrance came up with a steal, drove the length of the floor and converted the basket plus the foul with 0:44 seconds left to put the Crimson Tide (2-1) up 79-75.


Projo Hoops Blog: PC Falls to Alabama in final minute

A late-game meltdown has caught the Providence Friars in their trip to Alabama.

The Friars led by a point with 70 seconds left but Alabama closed the game on a 10-0 run to beat PC, 84-75

Providence Friars Basketball Blog: Postgame: Alabama takes down PC

There is always something more difficult about the first loss, and we aren’t sure why that is.  Its not like we planned to go undefeated or even close to it, but that first loss just never sits well.  At least it wasn’t a home game to Northeastern or anything…  Anyway besides the pain of the first loss of the season, this loss was especially hard to take.  It was a winnable game for PC

Alabama Basketball Blog: Pugnacious Pachyderms Prevail Over Providence

Hillman’s steal and dunk might have been the game’s hi lite, but Torrence’s offense and Knox’ consistent shooting from the foul line (I believe he hit ten of his eleven free throws) while Green was on the bench, first with foul trouble and later with some sort of injury, are what kept Alabama in the game. Even with a shortage of post players this team could become a force to be reconned with if they could find one or two reliable three point shooters.


Coach Rodell Davis Tweet

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