Referee Study Clearly Fails to Include Tim Higgins

dave@friarblog —  November 24th, 2009 2:19 AM
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I read this today and couldn’t help but think of our white-haired zebra striped tormentor of the Dunkin’ Donuts Center.

Study: College referees hold home-team bias

Refs favor the home team, the academics say. They’re big on “make-up” calls. They make more calls against teams in the lead, and the discrepancy grows if the game is on national TV.

Among the key findings, which were published The Journal of Sports Sciences earlier this year:

• The probability of a foul being called on the visiting team was 7 percent higher than on the home team.

• When the home team is leading, the probability of the next foul being called on them was about 6.3 percentage points higher than when the home team was trailing. The professors also cited an earlier study that concluded there were more calls against teams ahead in games on national TV versus those ahead in locally televised games.

If this did include Tim Higgins as the sole test subject, I would more expect their findings to include:

  • The probability of the game being about the referee as opposed to the two teams playing basketball is about 73.5%.
  • The probability of the ref making a giant dance/fiasco/overemphasized ref motions over a clearly outrageously incorrect charge call against the home team is 85%.
  • The probability of a referee inciting a full blown riot from fans of the home team is about 63.4%.
  • The probability of a make-up call is about 0%.  A make-up call insinuates that something was done wrong.
  • The probability of the home team’s coach to fill with frothy foaming-out-the-mouth rage after two redonkulous calls in a row leading to a game changing technical foul is about 50%.  The chances of this increases with the more attendance.
  • When the game is on TV, let alone national television, the odds of all the above increase by a HUNDRED THOUSAND PERCENT.
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