It’s Good To Be in the BIG EAST

dave@friarblog —  November 24th, 2009 6:13 PM
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Forget the parade of Hall of Fame coaches, the endless array of nationally televised games, or playing at Madison Square Garden for the BET.  BORING.  We finally have the real reason for why players want to play in the BIG EAST.

In the upcoming issue of ESPN the Magazine, they did an anonymous poll of 100 players from 23 Division 1 conferences asking various questions like “Who is the best player?”, “What is the best program” blah blah blah.  What caught my eye was the following question.

How many times each week are you hit on just because you play college basketball? [ESPN Insider Required]

Who comes up at #1?

1. Big East: 13.4 hits per week

I’m sure this is completely accurate because dudes never lie about this kind of thing.  Nevertheless, players from the BEAST apparently get hit on two times a day — even the scrubs on DePaul?!?

Suck it ACC (only 8th place at 7.3 hits per week)!!

These numbers are almost as high as the number of times I am hit on just because I blog about college basketball (it’s times).

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