How Well Do You Know Your Friars History? – Sporcle Quiz!!

dave@friarblog —  November 27th, 2009 4:58 PM
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If you haven’t come across a quiz recently, then you are not properly wasting your time online.  Sporcle has fun user-generated quizzes that are timed — for example, you have 10 minutes to name all 50 states, or 6 minutes to name all the NFL teams.  The sports ones I’ve seen get more in-depth, and are extremely fun.

I decided to create a sporcle centered around Providence College Basketball.  This may be tough for some of the younger fans (I would even do pretty terrible on it had I played it first), but see what you can do!

Can you name all of the Providence Friars who have scored 1,000 points in their career?

The timer is set for 10 minutes.  NO CHEATING!

(note: This goes by the point total for a players career.  So if there was a transfer (let’s say from Manhattan who graduated last year HINT HINT) it counts their points from any school they played at).

Give it a shot and let everyone know what you scored in the comments!

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