Jeff Goodman on the Friars

dave@friarblog —  December 2nd, 2009 7:45 PM
Spread the word Senior Basketball Writer Jeff Goodman was in attendance for last night’s Friars victory over Northeastern.


Marshon Brooks has NBA potential, Peterson is a junkyard dog and high-level athlete who gets more done than guys four or five inches taller and the backcourt of Vincent Council and future Friar Gerard Coleman will be fun to watch.

The one missing piece may be a big-time athletic center.

I also exchanged a few tweets with Jeff this morning.

friarblog @goodmanonfox aside from Curry, which Friars player were you most impressed with?

goodmanonfox @friarblog Vincent Council. He & Gerard Coleman will be a nice backcourt for the next few years. I don’t think they’ll miss Curry much.

friarblog @goodmanonfox VC is quickly becoming everyone’s favorite. Doesn’t play like a freshman. Think Greedy can keep getting better next few yrs?

goodmanonfox @friarblog Greedy is what he is – a super athlete who has to out-hustle guys; If I were Keno, though, I’d ban him from taking 3’s.

Right on, right on.

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