Keno Davis Show Recap from BEB

dave@friarblog —  December 4th, 2009 1:51 AM
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For those of us who could not listen in to the first “Keno Davis Radio Show” that occurred tonight in Providence, “thefriarman” over at the Providence site posted a great recap as always.  Seems like there were some problems with the radio broadcast that caused him to miss some of the show, but some good stuff in there.   Note: Keno Davis tweeted that he will post the audio on his website, so hopefully that will be up soon.

For now, head on over to BEB to read the recap

Some good bits:

Duke Mondy: JR> quite savvy player KD> Duke and Vincent probably least heralded but what we look at is players that can play. Duke fits in the mold of what we are looking for. He plays hard, has a BE body. I think you will see him get more mins. as we get further in.

Disgruntled players not getting playing time: KD> Need to open the line of communication, explain why they are not getting mins. and what they need to do to get those mins. in practice time, in academics, every day work outs. Put that work effort in. Believe they will be great players down the road even if not getting mins. now. But they need to put in the work effort to earn those mins

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