The Friars Roster Put Through the Jersey Shore Nickname Generator

dave@friarblog —  December 8th, 2009 9:28 PM
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As MTV’s latest reality show continues to make a mockery of my great state of New Jersey (even though most of the people on the show are not from NJ), I can’t help but get caught up in the ridiculousness.

By way of Facebook, I saw someone post a link to the “Jersey Shore Nickname Generator”.  In case anyone was wondering, I am “D-Muscle”.

I decided to put our whole Providence Friars team through the generator, so let’s see if we get any new nicknames out of it.

Note: This is just completely random as far as I can tell (and doesn’t really use the actual name), but still fun.

Here is what the site spit out (I refreshed if there was a dupe)

Kadeem Batts: K-Gel

Marshon Brooks: The Tricep

Luke Burchett: The Blowout

Chris Carter: The Hands Team

Vincent Council: The Sausage Party

Sharaud Curry: Natural Light

Xavier Davis: The Body

Bilal Dixon: The Impact

Ray Hall: The Tan-gent

Johnnie Lacy: J-Train

Brian McKenzie: Juice Springsteen

Duke Mondy: D-Gel

Russ Permenter: The Tan-talizer

Jamine Peterson: J-Muscle

James Still: The Operation

Kyle Wright: Hard Hat

And your coach:

Keno Davis: Juice Box

Fist Pump!

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