Friars Drop A Buck Ten in Washington

dave@friarblog —  December 10th, 2009 2:37 AM
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The Friars just put on an amazing offensive show in Washington, DC tonight, defeating the George Washington Colonials 110-97.  Defense?  We don’t need no stinkin’ defense.

Two Providence players ended up with double-doubles – Sharaud Curry had 16 points and a ridiculous 13 assists, while Greedy had his usual 18 points and 12 rebounds.

PC hit 16 threes for the game, coming up one short of the team record.  The Friars shot better (55.2%) than George Washington did at the line (13-24, 54.2%)!

Almost overshadowing the game was the performance of the GW announcers that came through on the video feed.  They were so incredibly epic, you just had to hear for yourself.   When they weren’t agonizing over the refs not calling fouls on PC, or going absolutely berserk over made GW baskets, they were also talking during commercials and probably not realizing they were on the air for Channelsurfing.  Some overall comments during and in-between the game and I’ll paraphrase here: The fact that Russ “perMENTER” (as they pronounced it) had 6 points was “RIDICULOUS — a DOUBLE performance from him” (huh?).  “Two years ago they would have given up and lost by 20+.  They showed good fight coming back”.   When Curry took a three as the shot clock expired towards the end, it was “UNCALLED FOR”.  Something along the lines of going to be in trouble when A-10 play starts if Dixon was dominating them on the glass.  So many other comments I’m probably missing.

Anyways, PC ends their OOC road schedule with a solid 2-2 record.

Image courtesy of joerazz on Twitter

You can’t tell from this picture, but the GW announcers were probably saying something ridiculous during the shot.

Full recap tomorrow as usual.

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