Ricky Ledo Likes Providence a Lot

dave@friarblog —  December 11th, 2009 5:04 PM
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For those of you who haven’t heard of him yet, Ricky Ledo is a super high school sophomore from Rhode Island.  ESPN ranks him #13 for the 2012 class, and he has a scouts grade of 97.  He has been getting a lot of national attention as he plays his games for St. Andrews against other top players in the state.

“It’s amazing,” said Ledo, who is an athletic, 6-5 guard with deep shooting range. “It’s fun. I’m only a sophomore and I’m kind of overwhelmed, so I like all the schools now. I go home and there is a stack of letters all the time.”

NCAA rules say that coaches can watch – but not talk to – sophomores like Murphy and Ledo right now. But they know they must be seen. That’s why PC coach Keno Davis, URI’s Jim Baron and assistant coaches from BC, Villanova, Kansas, Notre Dame, Indiana and Penn State have all journeyed to Barrington over the last two weeks, simply to watch pick-up games that almost always feature Ledo and Carter-Williams going head-to-head.

Earlier in the week, I noticed a tweet from someone about Ledo and had a quick back and forth convo.

I replied with a simple “How?”

Here is what he had to say.

YOUNGFLYBOY @friarblog i know ricky very well, and alot of people around him want him to attend pc.

YOUNGFLYBOY @friarblog Rick always works out at the local rec center in the west end side of Prov

YOUNGFLYBOY @friarblog He’s a talent. HE’s playing at St. Andrews now. I told him he needs to start the home grown talent staying home. Lol

While it is super early and might seem crazy to start tracking high school sophomores, I think it’s interesting to see where this ends up.  PC usually loses out on the most recruited in-state players, so it’s good to hear that we have a shot — and that people close to him want him to stay in the area!

Here are some videos of Ricky

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