Excellent Read on Marvin Barnes, Plus Book To Come? (!)

dave@friarblog —  December 11th, 2009 9:44 PM
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Marvin Barnes recently conducted several interviews with AOL Fanhouse.  No, he did not ask Senior NBA Writer Chris Tomasson if he could CARRY THE TORCH, or if he had the same ambition as him.  Instead, we will just have to settle for some more good ‘ol fashion Marvin stories and classic quotes.

‘Bad News’ Always Made Headlines

Lots of interesting stuff in here (especially if you are not very familiar with the old Friar great).  I knew he had a lot of problems, but drug trafficking??

“I was making 40 to 50 grand a week with the drugs,” said Barnes, who is working on a book with New England writer Mike Carey and offered some details on his life. “I was making so much money (in the selling of marijuana) it was hard to stay focused (on basketball).”

I don’t know about you, but I would buy his book in a heartbeat.  Oh right, the drug trafficking.  Continue.

“Hindelang was the guy who started the ‘mother ship,’ which would park five miles away and boats would shoot for the (Colombia) shore,” Barnes said. “He got a two-ton freighter a bunch of us (contributed for financially). Then it would go down and buy two tons of Colombian marijuana.

“It was the best marijuana. We bought it from the Colombian government for a dollar a pound … I was investing money (in the operation).’”+

Some other good Marvin quotes from the article:

“I would have been one of the 50 greatest players of all time”

“I was one of the five best players on the planet period (with St. Louis). Just ask anybody (from) back then … I was kicking some butt”

I was in New York once and I didn’t want to leave with the team in the morning,” Barnes said. “I had two girls with me and I partied all night. So I rented me a Lear jet to fly down to Virginia (where the Spirits were playing). I put on my uniform underneath a cashmere coat.

“I came into the arena right before the game with a hamburger and french fries. I took my jacket off and said, ‘Never fear. Marvin’s here.’ I got benched for the first quarter, but in the final three quarters I scored like 48 points (actually 53). Then I made the owner and the general manager pay the pilot, who had come with me in the cab to the game, $1,500 for fuel

When I was playing in the NBA, I would do it at halftime,” Barnes said. “(Only one) time it was done on the bench. I had a towel over my head and (Celtics guard) Don Chaney and other guys kept looking away as I snorted.

I would carry a .38 in one arm and a .45 in another,” Barnes said. “Guys would hang their pistols up in the locker room. They called us the Detroit Hoodlums. (A lot of the players) carried guns. It was a normal thing.

Marvin now works with the “Men to Men” program, which helps youths stay out of trouble in Providence.  It is unclear if the Geoff McDermott interview from last year was part of this program.

Click here to read the full article on AOL Fanhouse.

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