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dave@friarblog —  December 15th, 2009 5:16 PM
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I don’t usually post about technology here, but I thought this was relevant for Friars fans who have benefited from by by being able to watch games that are not carried by their cable provider.

How Serious Is About Fighting Live Broadcasting Piracy?, one of the most popular live webcasting services on the net, will be testifying in a hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee tomorrow morning. The topic of the hearing: the future of live online sports broadcasting.

We got hold of the startup’s written and oral testimony, which hopes will be enough to convince the Committee that the nature of live video broadcasting makes it impossible for them to avoid copyrighted content from ending up on the site, whether it’s live sports or other content like TV shows.

Ultimately, calls on the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which they claim should provide them with a safe harbor for copyright-infringing content that appears on the website before they or the appropriate right owners get a chance to remove it.

Having used for watching various sports, I do notice that they continually take down the big popular content (such as NFL games).  The NFL has their DirectTV deal, so maybe it’s just them pressuring to pull games down quickly. I read before that Soccer is a big problem as well.

I’ve been saved numerous times by catching Providence on there because I don’t have COX cable in RI (if my cable provider offered every game as part of a package, I would GLADLY pay), so it will be interesting to follow this to see if it can remain an option for us desperate fans.

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