Some Memorable Images of the 2000′s

dave@friarblog —  January 1st, 2010 7:26 PM
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If only an image of of when the “marital device” was thrown onto the court in the UCONN game in 03 or 04, that would clearly make the #1 spot.  Without many good images from earlier in the decade, here are some other memorable ones.

Who can forget the image of P.J Tucker going coast to coast in 3 seconds to beat the Friars at the buzzer.  The image was reviewed (well, from a better angle) and the refs determined he got the shot off before the buzzer light. At least it spurred a rule change (right?).

On Senior Night in 2005, Ryan Gomes literally left it all on the floor.  During a 23 point 6 rebound performance in an 86-75 win against St. John’s, Gomes was removed from the game with seconds left — not before removing his shoes and leaving them on the court.

A familiar image of disappointment as Herb Hill and Geoff McDermott sit on the sidelines in one of the EIGHT winless performances in the BIG EAST Tournamentof the decade — this particular one was during the loss against West Virginia in 2007.

The year after in another loss against West Virginia in the BET opening round, Tim Welsh walked off the court for the last time as the Friars head coach.

Who can forget the image of Jeff Xavier’s brother and his sweet coat after walking on the court in the Marquette game in early 2009.

In the Friars’ greatest win of the decade, it produced one of the best court storms I’ve ever seen.

Of course, who can forget this great image of Jonathan Kale kissing the floor right after upsetting Pitt on Senior Night.

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