Katz Weekly Watch: St. John’s pummeled by lowly Providence

dave@friarblog —  January 4th, 2010 4:50 PM
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Hey, finally a Providence mention in ESPN’s Weekly Watch! Only took 7 weeks!

Purdue notches top win of week

Cooling Off

All the good vibes about St. John’s heading into the Big East must be fading fast. The Red Storm got pummeled by lowly Providence on Sunday, 74-59, to drop to 0-2 in the Big East. The game was at St. John’s. You can’t let that happen this season. Playing without starting point guard Malik Boothe, who is nursing a strained groin from the Red Storm’s loss at Georgetown on New Year’s Eve, St. John’s turned the ball over 23 times, resulting in 21 Friar points. The Red Storm hadn’t totaled as many miscues since last Feb. 14 at Marquette (24).

Lowly eh? I would have went with “rebuilding”.

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