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dave@friarblog —  January 12th, 2010 2:21 PM
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Not much we don’t know already here, as the “Getting Inside” segment mostly talks about Keno’s lineups change bluff after the Louisville game, and goes over a few stats and performances for the Rutgers game.

Providence Team Report

The interesting nuggets:

In Focus: Providence-Marquette is shaping up as a big game for both schools as they look for positioning in the Big East standings. The Golden Eagles have a special player in Lazar Hayward but aren’t deep at all and struggle late in games and when Hayward is in foul trouble. It’s a game the Friars can steal if they come up with the offensive performance that highlighted the first half against Rutgers.

“Vincent Council continues to be a find at the point for the Friars”

Season Recap: It’s not as if anyone is talking about the Friars as NCAA Tournament contenders yet, but Providence is 2-2 following the season’s first four Big East games. If nothing else, it’s beating the teams that it should be beating, keeping above the bottom-feeders in the conference.

Good to hear that we should be beating St. John’s on their own tiny on campus arena. Feels like just yesterday when they were getting a few votes in the polls, eh? It’s actually interesting looking at the first four games and who we played.  We’ve have not been able to figure out ND and Louisville for a long time, no matter who is on the team — same for St. John’s and Rutgers.  That Marquette game will be a telling one.

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