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dave@friarblog —  January 22nd, 2010 5:00 PM
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Council Commitment Looks Pretty Good Now

You think? Just joshing. Adam Finkelstein of the New England Recruiting Report talks about how Keno hit big with under the radar recruit Vincent Council.

It goes to show that recruiting is about more than just selling your school and your program to the highest ranked players, it’s about evaluating talent, finding the right fit for your system, and then developing the players you bring in…and with all that in mind there weren’t many commitments more important in the Big East last year than Vincent Council to Providence.

Gerard Coleman’s Journey to Providence: Part II

It’s seems that every day there is more and more good news coming from our future Friars. spoke with Gerard Coleman, and this will make you even more excited (if it’s possible).  According to the author on a messageboard, HE IS THE ANT-BREW!! If that doesn’t get you amped, nothing will!

“I had been to the campus two or three times before I visited again in June and I just got a really good vibe walking arond there.  Walking around campus, I could just see myself there,” Coleman told FriarBasketball.  “Keno Davis graduates 95% of his players, which was important to me.  One day the basketball is going to stop bouncing.”

Rhode Island 2012 Rankings Announced

Let’s hope lil’ Ricky still likes Providence!  With all the recruiting talent Keno is building up, will that be enough to lure Ledo away from the big time program?

The race for the top spot in Rhode Island’s class of 2012 isn’t a very close one, and neither is the race for number two, as Ricardo Ledo and Andrew Chrabascz have a firm grip on the top two spots respectively.

Bracket Junkie: Another year, another first projection

Yeah, so we are probably not going to appear in this, or any future projections for the rest of the season…but if you are a college basketball fan you must follow this.  Bracket Junkie was the 3rd most accurate bracket predictor last year.  Even ahead of an unnamed expert — Let’s call him Joe L. — no wait that’s too obvious, J. Lunardi.

This is our first projection of the season, as I like to wait until most teams have at least four conference games under their belts. It’s not until about now that you can really get a good gauge on a team. Everything up until now is primarily guesswork. Even so, there is a lot on this bracket that will look strange come March. The question is what.

Gov. Carcieri moves address to help PC, diss URI hoops

Um let’s see, PC-UCONN (with or without Calhoun), or URI-Dayton.  Yeah Governor, you made the right choice!

Rhode Island Gov. Don Carcieri has rescheduled his final State of the State address so he doesn’t have to go head-to-head with a Providence College basketball game. Instead, he’ll knock heads with URI’s basketball fans.

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