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dave@friarblog —  January 26th, 2010 4:29 PM
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Keno vs Timmy Two Years In

I know some of you Friar fans have probably blocked out the last 10 seasons out of your head, but here is the inevitable comparison of Keno Davis and former coach Tim Welsh in terms of recruiting.  Ah, Primetime.

Shockingly, in hindsight, one of the most credible recruiting sources at the time, Hoop Scoop, ranked this class the 8th best in the country.

The results were less than stellar on the court and even worse off of it.  Failing to meet expectations, Wade and Murray did not contribute in year 1 and were gone after pummeling a classmate over a bar room (if you can call Prime Time a bar room) disagreement.  Jefferson showed flashes, but transferred, Jarrell-Wright did the same and the four hold overs: Mills, Augustin, Shabazz and Rogers helped savage the class by all playing critical roles on the 2001 NCAA Tournament team.

NBE BIG EAST Power Poll and Notebook

Providence at #14 now.  Hey, at least we are above DePaul and Rutgers.  Vincent Council also gets some props as their Freshman of the Week.

El Foldo Grande

I know some of you have also blocked out the events of Saturday night out.  Well, the Providence Scout game article was free this time, so check it out if you are interested to see what you are missing out on by not being a subscriber.

There isn’t a whole lot of value in dissecting how Providence failed to execute and pull out the win. Had USF’s last second three not gone down giving the Friars the win, many would have said that the team would have learned more from a painful loss. The reason for that is the sorry state of Providence’s defense.

Keno Davis Blog Post: The Second Half of the Season

A tad more positive spin on his thoughts on the team than in the press conference after the game.

Although we will be underdogs in both games I am looking forward to seeing our team respond from a tough loss. There is no better opportunity to come together and motivate ourselves than when we face adversity.  It is my belief that we will look back at the experiences from the beginning of this season, as a time that was necessary for us to have consistent success in the Big East for years to come

OT loss leaves PC hoopsters in a flux

I hate to beat this to a pulp, but here is another article that didn’t make the game recap that talks about the loss

Davis has instilled into his players a sense that the only way to win is by outscoring foes. Hinging on such a philosophy may hold such merit in summer leagues, but trading baskets and hoping at the end of 40 minutes that you’re the team with the most points on the scoreboard doesn’t appear a winning recipe, especially when you reside in the rough-and-rumble Big East.

Ricky Ledo Youtube Dunk

I’ve mentioned Ricky here a few times, but he is the best player in Rhode Island for the class of 2012, and high on Keno Davis’ recruiting list (most likely a long shot, but gotta go after the big boys!).

Check out this dunk uploaded by one of his buddies last week.  This kid is a sophomore?!

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