Begun, the Gauntlet Has

dave@friarblog —  February 1st, 2010 12:18 AM
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There are hundreds of thousands of words in the English language, but when it comes to certain sports situations only one word or phrase is consistently used for no apparent reason.  For example, in baseball when a pitcher drives in a run himself, someone always has to say that he is “helping his own cause”.  No other phrase is ever used to describe this situation.  Ever.  In college basketball (and college basketball only), whenever a team goes through a rough part of the schedule consisting of several ranked teams, it is always described as a GAUNTLET.  If you are describing a team’s schedule on a blog or in a private conversation with a friend or coworker, and you do not refer to it in this manner, a Special Ops team from the NCAA will promptly visit you at your current location and proceed to beat the living piss out of you until you utter the words “GAUNTLET”.

The 2009-2010 Providence Friars have the pleasure of starting their very own GAUNTLET on Tuesday when they travel to upstate New York to face #4 Syracuse.

Here are the PC’s next 6 games

(Rankings are AP as of last Monday)

@ Syracuse (#4)


Georgetown (#7)

@ Villanova (#3)

West Virginia (#9)

Syracuse (#4)


It’s suffice to say that I am scared sh*tless of this stretch, and would just be happy to make it out of there alive.  According to a Tweet from John Rooke before the Cincinnati game, it is the Friars “toughest stretch in almost 20 years”.

Actually, now that I think about the classic show “American Gladiators” and its GAUNTLET event (pictured below), the term seems perfectly cromulent.  No other term or phrase should hereby be used.

A visual representation of Providence’s upcoming schedule.  Woh, West Virginia has a lot of back tattoos!

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