Friars Overmatched Against Syracuse [Game Recaps]

dave@friarblog —  February 3rd, 2010 4:54 PM
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As original members of the BIG EAST, Providence and Syracuse have a long history.  Aside from the win at the DUNK last year, the Orange have pretty much owned the Black and White recently.  We need to become better rivals.  Why, you ask?  So a blog like Hoya Suxa can create videos like this when they beat us.  You may have seen this floating around the web a few weeks ago when Syracuse beat Georgetown.  If not, here ya go.

Forget wins, NCAA Tournament appearances, blah blah blah.  Keno’s legacy at Providence should be measured by whether or not our team can inspire awesome internet hi-jinks/hatred on opposing teams’ blogs.

Anyways, aside from the Greedy dunk, there wasn’t too much excitement in this game.  The Cuse remembered that they were way better/bigger/faster/stronger than PC right out of the gate in the 2nd half and didn’t look back.

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More on the Four Factors

  • When Syracuse pulled away early in the 2nd half, the Friars fell victim to turnovers and poor shooting.  Providence is going to have trouble when shooting below 50% eFG% (they have 5 of the 12 wins, and 2 of 4 in the BIG EAST shooting below), especially when facing such an efficient offense. The Orange continued the trend of hot shooting against Providence. In all six losses in conference play this year, PC has let their opponents shoot above a 55% effective field goal percentage.
  • Once again Providence had another great game on the offensive glass, and was a big reason why they were able to hang tough in the first half.  Greedy tied for his 2nd highest offensive rebounds with 7, and Vincent Council continues to make a mark in this category as well.  Here are VC’s last ORB totals starting with the Marquette game: 3,4,2,1,4. That’s 14 for the math majors out there.  Bilal Dixon’s totals for those same games: 12.  Not too shabby for our freshman guard in conference play.  For the Orange, three players did most of the damage with three offensive boards each (Onuaku, Rick Jackson, and Brandon Triche.
  • Both teams had similar turnover numbers, but I just wanted to point out one stat here.  I know Duke Mondy probably had one of his worst games of the season, but his turnover percentage was 100%.  It’s a possession black hole!  I don’t have any historical data or other examples of this, but I imagine it is pretty hard to do in 11 minutes of play.  Don’t worry buddy, you are still THE DUUUKE in my mind.
  • The Friars did a poor job of getting to the line (2nd least time this season), as only TWO players attempted foul shots.  Not surprisingly, those players were Greedy Peterson and Vincent Council, basically the only Friars outside of Marshon Brooks who got anything going offensively.


Possessions: 69

Efficiency Ratings

PC: 98.6

Syracuse: 123.2

  • This was only the fourth time this season that the Friars played a game in under 70 possessions:  Marquette (L, 66), Northeastern (W, 66), and Bucknell (W, 64)
  • This was the toughest defense Providence has faced all year, and it resulted in the 3rd worst offensive rating of the season.  PC only put up a lower rating against Marquette (95.5) and Iona (93.6) — both losses.
  • Syracuse put up their 6th best offensive rating of the season.  Only Notre Dame has allowed a higher rating (127.3) in BIG EAST play versus the Orange.

Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Arinze Onuaku – Just abused Bilal Dixon in the beginning of the game. Keno was forced to try to double up on him and that opened the flood gates for others to easily score.

Jamine Peterson – Another double-double.  Yawn.

Kris Joseph – Another game, another career high for an opposing player.

Vincent Council – Had 5 turnovers, but was pretty much the only one who was able to break into Syracuse’s ZONE.  Came one assist away from his first double-double.


Bilal Dixon – Outplayed and both ends of the court by bigger and more experienced Orange.

Wes Johnson – This guy is an All-American?!? What did he do against us, HE SUCKS!?!  OK OK, he got pretty hurt in the first half when Brian McKenzie knocked into him when he went up for an alley-oop.  Boheim didn’t want to risk anything regarding his superstart, and Wes only played sparingly in the 2nd.  

BOX SCORES FOR THE STATS NERDS! Boxscore Gametracker Boxscore


ESPN Highlights on Youtube Men’s Basketball Defeated at No. 3/4 Syracuse, 85-68

The Providence College men’s basketball team (12-10, 4-6 BIG EAST) fell to No. 3/4 Syracuse (22-1, 9-1 BIG EAST) by the score of 85-68 on Tuesday, February 2 before a crowd of 20,205 at the Carrier Dome in Syracuse, N.Y. Trailing only 37-34 at the half, the Friars were victimized by a 27-7 Syracuse run to open the second half and PC could not get closer than 14 for the remainder of the game.

ESPN Recap Friars prove no match for No. 3 Syracuse

Davis’ Providence Friars stuck with the Orange for 30 minutes but eventually fell prey to a team blessed with size, quickness and talent in a 85-68 defeat. Syracuse out-scored PC 48-34 in a second half where it made 64 percent of its shots. The Orange finished the game shooting 57 percent. Friars Journal: PC finds few cracks in Orange defense

“They’re very long and very aggressive,” said Council, PC’s freshman from Brooklyn, N.Y. “I’ve played against 2-3 zones all my life, but usually you just work the ball around and find a shooter. They don’t leave any open shooters.”

Friar Basketball: PC’s Five Biggest Flaws on Display in Syracuse

Shooters: This team is putting up numbers, so it has been overshadowed a bit, but where are the true shooters on this team?  Peterson hits 3s when his feet are set, same with Curry, and Mondy shows flashes, but Providence is lacking that “the entire crowd is watching our gunner curl off of a screen in hopes of a back-breaking 3” shooter. The Orange is 22-1 … and rolling, rolling, rolling. And Keno Davis thinks it’s No. 1.

“I think they’re as good as anybody in the country,” Davis offered. “And I’m not saying that to put any pressure on Coach Boeheim. I wouldn’t do that. They just have so many guys who can have big games against you. And there’s their defense, as well. And then they’re pretty physical when you try to rebound. They have all the dimensions.” Arinze Onuaku scores a season-high 20 points in Syracuse win

“Whenever we can start the game pounding the ball inside, the bigs drive off that,” Onuaku said. “If you’re a big, if me and Rick (Jackson) can get early touches and we’re finishing early, that gets you going from the (start). And that’s always good.”

Orange Basketball Blog: Syracuse University basketball pounds Providence

The win improved Syracuse’s record to 22-1 overall and 9-1 in the Big East. The 22-1 record marks the best start to a season in Syracuse history. Syracuse had started out 21-1 just once before in the 1979-80 season.

Orange Basketball Blog: SU-Providence Recap

As for this game? Other than the very scary jolt everyone got when Wes Johnson hit the deck, Providence’s Jamine Peterson tossing an alley oop to himself off the backboard, and Kris Joseph owning the second half, honestly, it was kind of a shoulder shrug.

Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician: The Kris And Arinze Show: Syracuse 85, Providence 68 

With Kris Joseph’s Big Head staring back at him from the crowd, the sophomore stepped up when the Orange needed him most and, along with Arinze Onuaku, they led the Orange to a commanding 85-68 victory over Providence Tuesday night.

The Daily Orange: INSIDE JOB: Powered by Onuaku’s 20 points, Syracuse dominates weary Friars

But just five minutes into Tuesday’s game, assurance shifted to bemusement. Onuaku had already registered six points, three blocks and a rebound.

Dixon realized it may be time for a new strategy.

“I played big,” Dixon said. “I needed to play a little bigger. I tried to match him with force, but none of that worked.”

Bleacher Report: Syracuse Pounds Providence 85-68: Video Smorgasbord

A second half explosion pushed Syracuse past Providence and with the win, the Orange is off to its best start in school history with a 22-1 record. After the game the players were once again in a jovial mood.


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