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dave@friarblog —  February 4th, 2010 2:37 PM
Spread the word Mid-Year Report

If you do only one thing for me today, IT’S VOTE FOR VINCENT COUNCIL FOR ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!  Obviously, we fans do not determine the eventual winner, but we gotta get word out now. If order is any indication of where they think the race currently stands, here it is

Lance Stephenson

Vincent Council

Brandon Triche

Maalik Wayns

Alex Oriakhi

Here is Vincent Council’s highlight video they show with the voting. They show him during the Marquette game, which was his best offensive output (and which helped him win BE Rookie of the Week). It’s a damn shame they didn’t put in any of his numerous no look / awesome dishes though. Note: give the vid a sec, it should eventually load (if you have Microsoft Silverlight)

We are even listed under upset of the year (vs. UConn). Don’t think that will hold up.

If the BIG EAST Tournament Started Today

HOLY SH*% WE’D PLAY ST. JOHN’S!  Problem is, the tournament starts after we might lose 6 or 7 more games, putting us further down the standings. However with the new format that they started last year, no teams in that first round would particularly scare me.

You Stay Classy, West Virginia

Good thing we are playing them at the DUNK.

With 12:40 remaining, [Darryl] Bryant collided with Pitt’s Ashton Gibbs near halfcourt and was called for traveling by Michael Stephens in front of the student section. The students responded with their juvenile chant aimed at Stephens and then followed that with juvenile behavior and threw T-shirts, plastic bottles and other debris onto the court.

Pitt assistant coach Tom Herrion was struck in the face below his left eye by what those on the Pitt bench said was a quarter. The officials had no choice but to call a technical on West Virginia this time.

National Prep School Invitational Preview has the lowdown of what players to keep an eye on for this big national tournament starting today.  Our future Friar Ron Giplaye will be playing, as well as many PC targets.

The University of Rhode Island will once again serve as host to one of the best prep tournaments in the country this weekend.  The four day tournament (February 4-7) features some of the top prep talent in the country and several Providence targets.


One of those top players at the National Prep School Invitational is Rhode Island’s Ricky Ledo.  His buddy sent me over some new videos of the sophomore in action.   Ledo is currently ranked #22 overall by ESPN in the 2012 class, and is most likely high on Keno Davis’ list.

Rivals Providence Team Report

Nothing terribly exciting here, but a good catchup if you missed the last week

The Providence ship is taking on water.

The schedule isn’t helping.

Aye Aye Captain

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