Keno and Staff Go Hard After Top Prep Underclassmen

dave@friarblog —  February 4th, 2010 5:44 PM
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The NBE Basketball report has a great update on the top prep underclassmen.  If you’ve been keeping an eye on’s recruiting updates, some of these names will seem familiar as big PC targets.  Obviously, Ricky Ledo has been mentioned here several times, but nice to see this quote from his coach.

“Ricardo is accepting his challenges and he’s done OK. He knows he’s got to get better. He does one thing extremely well – he scores. But can you make your teammates better? Defense – he’s embracing it. All I ask of him is to just get better,” Hart said.

You had me at defense.

Also discussed are two top point guards. We can’t have enough point guards.

The 2011 class has a pair of point guards who are among the best in the country at their position in Shabazz Napier (Lawrence Academy) and Naadir Tharpe (Brewster Academy)

Anyways, the fact that we are pursuing these guys isn’t really new.  I just like reading how they describe who is involved — it just shows the hard work Keno and his staff are putting in to have a chance to land them.

Shabazz Napier – For the local, Connecticut was there as well, while Providence and UMass have tracked him hard

Naadir Tharp – Providence and Boston College have been on him the hardest

Ricky Ledo – Hart mentioned Providence, Rhode Island, Boston College as locals who have been there since early

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