Dwain Williams Suspended Indefinitely for…Missing a Samoan Language Class

dave@friarblog —  February 5th, 2010 3:01 PM
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This will not surprise any Friar fans familiar with the antics of Dwain Williams (tranfered in ‘08), but Hawaii has suspended the former Friar sharpshooter for the second time this season, this time indefinitely.  Why, you may ask?

So Williams took offense at being suspended indefinitely from the University of Hawaii basketball team for missing one Samoan language class. He says he’s being treated unfairly.

Fa‘amolemole (which if Dwain actually went to class, he would know that meant “Please” in Samoan). Yeah, it seems pretty unfair that you would have to go to class, at you know, a college.

Maybe Dwain Williams is one of the fortunate few. Maybe he’s as talented linguistically as he is with his jump shot and he doesn’t need to attend class to pick up the finer points of reading, writing and speaking Samoan.

This was probably just the last straw, since he was already suspended for two games and had a host of other issues during the year.

There was that two-game suspension early on, over “miscommunication,” according to Williams. Team insiders say it was about Williams’ unwillingness to conform to the Rainbows’ system.

After missing two weeks recently mourning the death of his cousin, Williams reportedly returned to practice just two days ago as a “stronger person”.  Well, it didn’t take long for more problems to surface.  Williams has had numerous opportunities to get back on track, but his chances could be running out.

Williams has had a very strange road to the University of Hawaii after transferring from Providence in ‘08 (he was originally going to attend Miami-Ohio in ‘06 but bailed after a non-binding Letter of Intent).  At first was headed to Long Beach State to be closer to home, then supposedly ditched it to go play for Craig Robinson at Oregon State.  Even Kent State was thrown into the mix.  I think he signed LOI at some of them, but he never actually enrolled anywhere before landing at Hawaii.  Guess he wanted to keep his options open, or he really likes to travel!


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