Two Friars Make’s Top 10 Disappearing Acts

dave@friarblog —  February 5th, 2010 6:02 PM
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The site “Lost Letterman” (a sports alumni site with a big database of players) compiled a list of college basketball stars who disappeared and became untraceable after their big success.  Two beloved Providence Friars made the list, along with one of my personal favorite players from my childhood, Walter Berry of St. John’s.

Basketball Players’ Top 10 Disappearing Acts

6. God Shammgod (Providence)

You’d think that with a name like God Shammgod you’d be very easy to find. Well you’re better off looking for God himself than God Shammgod. And with that name and a cult-like following, plenty of people are looking for the former Friars star. The man who reportedly taught Kobe Bryant his crossover spent much of his professional career in China and last played with the International Basketball League’s Portland Chinooks in 2009. Slam Magazine was the last to locate Shammgod in 2008 in New York and they even filmed him showing off some of his ball handling skills, which is better than anyone in Lochness could capture:

2. Jimmy Walker (Providence)

The former Providence star helped lead the Friars to a No. 3 ranking his sophomore year and is widely considered the greatest Friar ever. He was also named an NBA All-Star twice. After his retirement Walker was arrested in 1983 and sent to prison for 90 days for failing to file federal income tax returns. Later in life he disappeared, hiding in plain sight in Kansas City. He was back in the news when it was revealed he was the father of Fab Five star Jalen Rose.Though they spoke briefly in the past, the two never met in person. When Providence Journal writer Bill Reynolds finally got Walker on the phone in 2000, he told the star, “I’ve been looking for you for 20 years.” In 2007, Walker passed from complications due to lung cancer.

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