Marshon: "Never in my life I’ve been so uncomfortable on the basketball court"

dave@friarblog —  February 7th, 2010 1:12 AM
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Marshon Brooks: Never in my life I’ve been so uncomfortable on the basketball court…smh

Books posted this via Facebook this afternoon after the rough 82-79 loss to Marquette.  Marshon has had his ups and downs this year, and whenever he seemed to start really heating up offensively he would hurt his ankle or get a real nasty case of the flu.  This game was definitely one of his worst of the season while completely healthy.  With the Friars a bucket away from completing an improbably comeback, Marshon tried to take his man off the dribble for a layup in the lane.  However, Brooks couldn’t finish, and was blocked by Marquette’s Darius-Johnson Odom.  Having such an off game, Brooks needs to find other ways to contribute to the team, such as stepping up on defense, or using his great driving ability to feed open teammates who are particularly feeling it that moment.  As much as I’ve killed Curry and even Greedy at times for taking bad shots, the ball had to be in one of their hands on that possession.

We’ve seen what Brooks is capable of the last few years, so let’s hope he can use this game as a turning point.  Let’s hope #2 gets more comfortable out there, because the Friars are going to need him next year if they want to compete in the BIG EAST.

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