Another Tough Loss [Game Recaps]

dave@friarblog —  February 7th, 2010 3:38 AM
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So PC got to face the weakest Gladiator (I may be incredibly dating myself here, but didn’t Mr. Dewey from “Saved by the Bell” try out for them at one point?) they will see amongst the six-game GAUNTLET, and they came up short despite some really great performances.  If there are any positives to take out of this loss, it’s that Greedy keeps improving and is awesome, and Bilal Dixon keeps getting better.  Vincent Council had a rough going at the end when he forced up a three to tie when nobody was open, but we already knew he was awesome.  Those three are going to be a great part of the team the next few years.

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More on the Four Factors

  • Marquette has shot above a 60% effective field goal percentage four times this season. Two of those were both games against the Providence Friars.  The other two teams? Presbyterian and Maryland Eastern Shore.  Good company PC!  The Golden Eagles have shot well behind the arc the whole season, but their excellent ball movement coupled with Providence’s poor defense created lots of easy baskets as well.  Hey, at least MU was kept under 70% eFG% this time!  Lazar Hayward was incredibly efficient (145 ORtg), which is even more impressive given the fact that he took 31% of MU’s shots when he was on the court (which was 97% of the game).  For the Friars, they were able to consistently score down low (48 points in the paint, 56% on 2-point shots) but no one other than Sharaud Curry could hit a three.
  • The Friars showed yet again why they are the top offensive rebounding team in the conference.  However, despite a dominating 22-13 advantage on the offensive glass, PC only held a 22-18 lead in 2nd chance points.  Bilal DIxon had a career high 8 offensive rebounds, while Greedy and Hayward followed with 6 and 5, respectively. There was no other bigger rebound in the game with 15 seconds left when MU player David Cubillan took an ill-advised long three while clinging to a 1 point lead.  The rebound went long and Hayward was right there.  He got fouled and hit both of his free throws.  Sometimes the bounces just don’t go your way, even when it is in a facet of the game in which you have the advantage.
  • Bilal Dixon ad Marshon Brooks combined for 8 of the 13 Friars turnovers.  Vincent Council 7-1 assist to turnover ratio.  Hooah!  Marquette also took good care of the ball, especially in the 2nd half when they only committed 3 of their 11 total miscues.
  • Providence needs to do a way better job at getting to the line.  Only two players went to the charity stripe against Syracuse, but hey we got THREE this time against Marquette!  I guess that’s a start. While I guess the totals are going to be low when you take 22 three pointers, there is a weird trend of not calling fouls when the defender knocks into you immediately after the shot.  Twice it happened to Sharaud early on, and Brooks maybe as well (although he tries to sell that at least once per game).  Greedy, VC, and Dixon have been generally getting to the line pretty well, but I would like to see the rest of the guys improve on it.


Possessions: 64

The game was slightly faster in the 2nd half, with about 34 possessions.

Efficiency Ratings

PC: 123.4

* 1st Half: 127.3

* 2nd Half: 112.4

Marquette: 128.1

* 1st Half: 116.6

* 2nd Half:  142.9

Let’s judge some performances by dishing out some pasta (from 1-4, 4 being awesome). My homage to the Star-Ledger.

Lazar Hayward – Fitting that in his most likely last game against the Friars, he torches them leading Marquette to victory.  Over the the years he has killed PC, and I can’t wait to see him graduate.

Jamine Peterson -13th double-double of the season.  He didn’t get ejected AND he only took 3 threes!  Did I even see a couple of nice assists in there?

Sharaud CurryI’m glad he gave himself two minutes this time to start his comeback attempt with several big threes.  Too bad he couldn’t get the ball more in those big spots at the end. Wow, when was the last time I said that?

Jimmy Butler – Huge dagger three (well, before the Friars scored 6 points in 5 seconds to come back) and 19 points overall.

BIlal Dixon – Aside from a few turnovers, had a great game overall on both ends of the court.  Was able to take advantage of Marquette’s size and got 3 blocks on defense.  Almost pulled a Charles Smith at one point when he got 3 or 4 of his 8 offensive rebounds on one play — but unlike Mr. Smith, finally made the shot!


Marshon Brooks – Probably one of his worst games of the year played with two healthy ankles.  Offense, defense, performing in big spots.  Just an off night I hope…

Kyle Wright – I’m all set with this guy if he is just going to come into games and jack up threes immediately.   Of his 56 field goal attempts this season, 41 have been three point attempts.  That would be fine if he shot better than a 34% clip.

Maurice Acker – Yeah we contained him!! Bring on Cashmere Wright bitches!!

BOX SCORES FOR THE STATS NERDS! Boxscore Gametracker Boxscore

AROUND THE INTERWEBS Men’s Basketball Edged By Marquette, 82-79

The Providence College men’s basketball team (12-11, 4-7 BIG EAST) was defeated by Marquette University (15-8, 6-5 BIG EAST) by a score of 82-79 on Saturday, Feb. 6 before a crowd of 12,061 at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Trailing 80-73 with 1:19 to play, the Friars scored six points over the next 24 seconds to move within one point (80-79) of Marquette, but PC could not score for the remainder of the game. Determined Marquette outlasts PC, 82-79

One of the teams almost always needs a win to keep teetering NCAA Tournament dreams alive. As bodies fly, the embattled officials hear it hard from fans and coaches alike. And the games melt down to who can somehow make the final one or two toughness plays.

Projo Hoops Blog: PC loses late to Marquette, 82-79

Some tough, late game plays by the Marquette Golden Eagles just delivered a gritty 82-79 victory over Providence College in the final seconds.

Lazar Hayward hit two free throws with 13 seconds left to secure the three-point lead and then PC could only managed a forced, desperation 3-point try by Vincent Council that missed at the buzzer.

Audio of MU Coach Buzz Williams on PC Guards

via WBRU News

WBRU: Marquette staves off rally, beats Friars 82-79

The Providence Friars came extremely close to pulling a major upset on Saturday afternoon after closing an seven-point deficit to one with 56 seconds left. However, a desperation Vincent Council three-pointer clanged off of the rim as time expired, giving the Marquette Golden Eagles a 82-79 victory.

(Ed. note: Major upset?  I don’t think so pal.)

Golden Eagles Blog: Recap: Providence (The Redux)

Were you expecting a pick and roll on Providence’s last possession: “Yes. We played it well. I can’t remember who it was that took the ball out for them, but it was whoever Dwight Buycks was guarding. So Dwight and Cooby were guarding (Curry) so that he couldn’t catch it, because we thought it would be him off the ball screen. It ended up being Council. The ball screen, I thought, was relatively high and I thought Lazar did a good job of standing on the same boards and staying connected to the guy he was guarding while at the same time also changing the direction of Council, which is what you want to do to defend a ball screen properly.”

Friar Basketball: Marquette Quick Hits

Sharaud Curry’s defense has been a liability all season, but if Joe Young shoots like Donnie McGrath in year 1 who is going to consistently hit from beyond the arc in 2010-11?  After the Syracuse beatdown I posted that PC’s lack of shooters has been an under the radar problem.  6-22 (27%) from 3 and 9-15

Cracked Sidewalks: MUs 3-point shooting overcomes 57% 2-point shooting and 58% offensive rebounding by Friars

I can’t believe many teams have won a game in which they allowed 57% shooting on 2-pointers (26 of 46) AND allowed that same team to grab 58% of their missed shots (19 offensive rebounds to only 14 defensive rebounds for MU), but Lazar’s heroics and the team’s 3-point shooting were enough.

Quevedo at the Buffet: MU escapes with 82-79 victory

We didn’t get to see Jamine Peterson much in the first matchup at the B.C. in January, and I’m glad that we didn’t because he is an absolute MONSTER! While only a sophomore, the 6’6” forward looked like a man amongst boys today, scoring 28 pts on a number of alley oop dunks, drop off dunks, putbacks, and even knocking down 1 of 3 3-pt attempts. Oh and he had 11 rebounds, 5 on the offensive end. Like the comment I made about Curry, I’m not looking forward to playing this guy over the next couple of seasons.

Boring-ass AP Writeup


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