PC Loses to Georgetown: Instant Reaction

dave@friarblog —  February 10th, 2010 2:56 AM
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Why Georgetown Won: Midway through the second half, Georgetown really put the stranglehold on with their defense.  However, like ESPN announcer Len Elmore put it, “Providence was really cooperative in being strangled”, putting up countless ill-advised shots, many contested long threes, and missing a crap load of foul shots.  Georgetown didn’t play particularly well, and just couldn’t quite put the Friars away for good.  However, they really didn’t have to with the Friars shooting a dreadful 34.3% from the field (including 7-27, 25.9% from behind the arc).  Throw in the fact that the team can’t get stops when they need to, and there you have a nice tasty recipe for a 2nd half fade.  On the bright side, Bilal Dixon had a redonkulous night on the glass, getting a career high 16 rebounds (8 offensive).  Even though PC rebounded more than half of their own misses, it was not enough to overcome their third worst shooting night of the season.  Seriously though, have you ever seen more airballed threes in one game?   Greedy even BANKED one in.  Kill me now.

Turning point: There were just so many bad shots and poor decisions by Providence as the Hoyas took control of the game with a 14-1 run halfway through the second half, so it’s kinda hard to pinpoint where exactly things went wrong.  Despite playing like a$$ for a good portion of that second half, it was pretty amazing the Friars were only down 6-8 in the final few minutes.  However, trading baskets when you tail by 8 points is not going to win many games.  Georgetown was able to score quite easily and hit their freebies, and the Friars were toast.

Player of the Game: Chris Wright.  Not only did he have a team high 21 points, but I thought he was phenomenal on top of the perimeter of the zone defense.

Goat of the Game: I hate to say this, and it’s probably because he was ill, but Vincent Council probably had his worst game of the year.  He was 0-4 from the field and couldn’t get anything going.  Marshon Brooks was a close runner up — He did have 18 points, but several of his baskets came late in the game as the Friars traded buckets with the Hoyas.  Brooks just forced too many shots again, and just can’t finish when he gets to the hoop.  I hope he figures out what the eff is going wrong.  Last year he faded down the stretch in BIG EAST play, and this year doesn’t look much different.

I will now weep myself to sleep.

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