Move Over Tim Higgins, There’s a New Hated Ref in Friartown

dave@friarblog —  February 14th, 2010 12:21 AM
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Friar fans are accustomed to getting royally screwed with the officiating of Tim Higgins, but this afternoon against Villanova, Doug Shows decided to try to one up the white haired, red faced zebra.

With around 8 minutes to go, Providence trailed 64-60 in a back and forth game at the Wachovia Center.  The Wildcats had the ball when Scottie Reynolds and Sharaud Curry got tangled up in the corner.  Shows called Curry for a foul, even though Scottie clearly had his arm wrapped around him — if anything, it should have been a double foul.  Incredulous with the call, Curry seemed to rightfully question the shady whistle and was immediately hit up for a technical foul.  So, not only did Reynolds head to the line for FOUR straight free throws (he would hit 3), Curry fouled out since he already had 3 fouls and the personal foul and technical counted as two separate fouls.

“The explanation I got for the technical foul was, he said, `Where’s the foul?’” coach Keno Davis said. “He put his arms somewhat up. It’s about as demonstrative as Curry has ever been and that’s not very demonstrative.”

The score was then 67-60, and PC would be without Sharaud Curry for the rest of the game.  Curry had 19 points at the time, and has been the only Friar lately who has been hitting anything consistently behind the arc.   With him out of the game, it just left more room for numerous Marshon Brooks errant threes.

After that play, the Wildcats did not look back and took over the game from there.  That, coupled with the whistle blowing every other second against the Friars in the 2nd half was just too much to overcome.  Would VIllanova have won anyway?  Probably, but it’s just painful to see a call like that have a such an affect on the game.  It just plain sucks, because the Friars came to play today against one of the top teams in the nation in their own building.  We have the best conference in the country, why can’t we have the best referees?

Fun Fact: Doug Shows leads the nation in technical fouls given, with 33 now this season.  After seeing how easily he dished out the T against Curry, this doesn’t shock me.  As comparison, Timmy Higgins has only given out SIX!  Hope you don’t have any scheduled games in Providence coming up dude.

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