Syracuse Game is Black out the Dunk and….Lady Gaga Night? WTF?

dave@friarblog —  February 22nd, 2010 2:49 PM
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Before Sean from “Troy Nunes is an Absolute Magician” gets wind of this, I am going to do a preemptive strike.  So I’ve heard that the Syracuse game on Tuesday night at the DUNK is going to be another BLACK OUT game.  That’s cool.  While I think a WHITE OUT might have a better visual effect, anytime there is an effort to get the fans to do something like this, I’m all for it.  Unless this effort somehow involves Lady Gaga.

Yesterday morning I cringed when I saw this Facebook Event, which was pointed out to me by SM from the Providence blog “The Truth About PC Basketball”.


Friar Fans, get ready for the biggest game of the season as PC takes on 5th ranked Syracuse on Tuesday night at 7pm at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center. Not only is it a BLACKOUT THE DUNK event but it is also LADY GAGA NIGHT! Come dressed in your favorite Lady G outfit and have the chance to win Nike apparel! Hear your favorite Lady G songs being played throughout the night as well. So bring your friends down to the dunk for an exciting game and an awesome dance party you won’t want to miss! LET’S GO FRIARS!!

So. Many. Jokes.

At first, I thought to myself, “Am I really this out of it these days?”.  I’ll be 30 this summer, but I consider myself knowledgeable in what the kids seem to be up to.  But this frightened and confused me.  Do people really want to have an awesome dance party at a basketball game?  I know who Lady Gaga is and have seen some of her weird outfits on Award shows and whatnot, but do girls really have “Lady G” outfits to wear?  Will there be that many people who dress up that it won’t be incredibly weird and awkward for 99% of the people who probably won’t?  Are we just trying to psyche out the Syracuse players, who are probably just expecting a subdued fan base of losers of six games in a row amidst a poor rebuilding season?  I feel like this creates as many unanswered questions as when Fake John Locke showed Sawyer the numbers and names written on the cave ceiling.  I must know why!!!

So anyway, Friar fans if you plan on going to the game on Tuesday and run into any chicks (or god forbid, dudes) looking like below, you will know why.

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