It’s Never Too Early to Talk BET Bracketology

dave@friarblog —  February 23rd, 2010 4:59 PM
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With only 4 more conference games to go and no other post-season tournament in sight, it’s only natural for us Friar fans to start looking ahead to the BIG EAST Tournament more and more each day.  For all that has gone wrong this year, a solid performance to go along with a win in the first round would go a long way in my eyes.

As it stands right now, Providence would be the 14th seed in the BIG EAST Tournament (remember all teams make it this year again), with a sweet 9PM game on the Tuesday against South Florida. PC has a decent shot of picking up two more wins (traveling to USF and hosting Seton Hall), but the status of Vincent Council will be a big factor.  Let’s go safe and say the Friars get one more win (we can’t take this losing streak into MSG!).  They will either finish 13, 14, or 15 depending on how St. John’s and Rutgers finishes out.

  • St. John’s has the 13th with a one game lead over the Friars, but will have trouble getting more than one win with remaining games against Marquette, Pitt, Syracuse, and DePaul.  Unless before each game Norm Roberts threatens to forfeit the rest of the games to motivate the players.
  • Rutgers is Rutgers, but they have a decent shot at picking up two more wins – they have a home and home with Seton Hall (always a tough rivarly game no matter who is better, but you figure they will split), play DePaul at the RAC, and also head to Pittsburgh.

I want the Friars to finish as high as possible for obvious reasons, but I’m not gonna lie — that 13th seed playing at 2PM garbage doesn’t seem too appetizing.  I will gladly sacrifice a seeding to be able to hit up the Garden at night to watch the Friars!  The first few days of the BET is always a blast, and I would figure there would be more Friar fans able to make the later games as well.

Here is the bracket:

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