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dave@friarblog —  February 23rd, 2010 6:27 PM
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So I just came across the NCAA Vault, which has FULL GAME VIDEO, highlights, and history of all the Sweet 16 games and on from 2000-present.  At first I went to the team dropdown list and was confused as to why Providence was not listed.  Oh, 2000-2010.  I see what you did there.  It’s a shame they didn’t include the 90’s, since I would have loved to relive the Providence Elite Eight run of 1997.  I vaguely remember PC beating Duke when I was in high school, but I didn’t really see the entire epic OT loss to Arizona.

Still lots of great games to choose from if you are a college basketball fan.  My pick for you?  UCLA versus Gonzaga in the 2006 Sweet Sixteen.  You can’t beat seeing Adam Morrison crying after UCLA made an epic comeback — and Gus Johnson’s amazing peformance: “WHAT A GAME!! WHAT. A. GAME!!!!!!!!”.  Probably the greatest announcing call ever, and I have no association to either UCLA or Gonzaga.

Anyways, enjoy losing the rest of your afternoon.

H/T Will Leitch on Twitter

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