Dime Magazine Interview with Greedy

dave@friarblog —  February 23rd, 2010 9:25 PM
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Here is a nice insight into the mind of Greedy from the folks over at Dime Magazine.

Providence Human Highlight Reel Jamine Peterson

Dime: Talk about the Syracuse dunk.
JP: Well, they came at me, and I was trying to pass it to a teammate but he was already guarded. I saw A.O. (‘Cuse center Arinze Onuaku) coming towards me and I saw I had a nice angle off the glass … It was like, “Why not try it?” That’s something I used to do in high school and on the playground. I’d never done it before in a college game.

I also thought this exchange was interesting.

Dime: Despite your numbers, Providence is under-.500 this year. Why do you think you guys have struggled?
JP: We have a young team. We lost some seniors, and when you’re basically playing against top-ranked teams in the Big East every night, it’s hard when you lack experience. I think we have what it takes to be better once guys get time to work together in the summer. We’re not losing any starters and we have some good freshmen coming in.

Woh, not losing any starters?  Oh wait, is he not counting McKenzie because he has been actually invisible all season?  Or maybe he just doesn’t consider him a real starter?  And what about Sharaud Curry?  Am I reading too much into this interview, or are we seeing a subtle reference at some beef between the players?

What do you think?

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