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dave@friarblog —  February 25th, 2010 3:02 PM
Spread the word Year 2 Blues

So we know this year has been a big pile of suck so far.  Do you remember that it was even WORSE in year 2 of Timmy Welsh?  I didn’t remember either, because I was a sophomore in Aquinas Hall studying the effects of Busch Lite amongst an entire floor of lunatics (2 SOUTH 4EVA!).  Well, things got better right after that horrendous 11-19 season.

A year later that team was in the tournament after shooting 44% from the field and 40% from 3 as a team, scoring an amazing 17 more points per game in conference play than they did a year before.  No one saw it coming.

Two freshman who couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn turned into reliable shooters as sophomores, two late signees from overseas helped, and John Linehan went from a 23% 3 point shooter in his last full season (played only 6 games the previous season) to a 44% shooter from 3 in the tournament year.

Go Friars: Wright’s Decision Opens Up Scholarship

With Kyle Wright opting to focus on graduating (good for him!), Keno and staff have a big decision coming up on what to do with that open schollie.

The most obvious option is to look to sign the best available player.  ESPN listed a few possibilities in their rumor section today including Kadeem Jack (an athletic 6′8″ power forward from Rice High School in NY), Jon Horford (a more skilled and versatile, but less athletic, 6′8″ forward from Grand Ledge High School in Michigan), and Joel “Air Jamaica” Wright (another forward and New York native with explosive athleticism who was previously committed to Fordham). Keno Davis Radio Show Returns March 1 At The Abbey

Even though they changed the name to the Abbey when I was a senior at PC, it will always be “Gravity” in my heart.  You know what else is in my heart?  Over a thousand wings I consumed at 25 cent wing day at Gravity during my 4 years.  I still dream about those wings.

The Keno Davis Radio Show returns on Monday, March 1 at 7:00 p.m. live from The Abbey, located at 686 Admiral Street in Providence, R.I. The show will air live on 103.7 WEEI FM from 7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. and will be hosted by the voice of the Friars John Rooke.

Jim Donaldson: Q&A as to Y PC plays no D

LETTERS! I see what you did there

Do they lack athleticism? Are they too slow? Not quick enough? Not big enough? Not strong enough?

Duke Mondy is on Twitter!

He joins Vincent Council as the only Friar players on there

In civ drawin pic’s lol!

That’s more than I ever did in CIV!

BIG EAST Highlight You Must See: Marquette OT Buzzer Beater Against St. John’s

Wow, guess the Johnnie’s really don’t want that 13th seed (or don’t want to play the 2PM BET game).

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