Q+A with Ken from the USF Blog "Voodoo 5"

dave@friarblog —  February 27th, 2010 1:57 AM
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Ken DeCelles runs the South Florida sports blog “Voodoo 5”.  We did a question exchange for the Saturday rematch between the Friars and Bulls.

You can follow him on Twitter @astrobull

Head on over to his site to see my answers to his questions

Friarblog.com: First of all, I don’t think we ever got any formal thanks for starting your little run that to many big wins and loads of national attention.

KD: My apologies. Thank you for kick-starting the USF bandwagon. Its been in the garage for a decade, so it was nice to be able to give that thing some mileage before it died midway through the St. Johns game.

Friarblog.com: Since the 4 game winning streak was snapped, USF has lost to some
tough teams (Nova, Marquette).  But St. John’s? Really? Even we beat them!

Teams are figuring out that we have no outside shooters. Everyone is playing a zone defense against us and we cant shoot ourselves out of it. Even Villanova played a little zone on Wednesday and they never do that.

Friarblog.com: Correct me if I’m wrong, but USF has never finished above the bottom 4 since joining the BIG EAST.  Even if the NCAA Bubble talk has evaporated, the season would have to be considered a huge success if that’s how they finished, right?  Or do you have the taste of success now and want more?

KD: All I asked from the team this year was get to 16 wins and then some sort of tournament, even a CBI bid would have made me happy. Since it looks like we are pretty much in for the NIT, this season has been a huge success even with our recent slide. Heath has preached patience, and it looks like we are getting a decent foundation in place here in Tampa.

Next season will be an entirely different animal. With Jones back for his senior year along with a great core of players back, I would hope that the Bulls will go dancing for the first time in 19 years.

Friarblog.com: In the first matchup at the DUNK, big man Augustus Gilchrist was out with an injury.  He’s been back for the past 4 games, but based on the stats he might have been a little rusty.  Will he have a big impact against the Friars, or he is still trying to get up to speed?

KD: I really don’t think that Gus is at 100% right now. Hopefully he can go out there and get 10 points and grab some boards, but anything that he provides us down low is a bonus. Hopefully the rust kicks off soon though, it would be nice to see him start shooting well from outside and opening up the lane for our slashers.

Friarblog.com: Dominique Jones almost broke the BIG EAST scoring record last time against Providence.  Assuming (and this is a big assumption) PC makes an adjustment to keep him from putting up 40+ points, what will USF do to counter?

KD: Create turnovers, get guys like Jarrid Famous and Mike Mercer some room to run and play some suffocating defense. If that doesn’t work, praying always helps.

Friarblog.com: Since the PC game, USF has been involved in mostly low scoring
games with slow paces.  Are they up for another run and gun style game?

KD: I hope so. USF plays best when its wide open, so hopefully Saturday’s game will be another high scoring affair.

Friarblog.com:  Any predictions to how this one will be played out?

KD: I’m sure it will be a high scoring affair, and I think the home court advantage will lift USF over the top. Bulls win 83-77. Jones gets off his slump and goes for 28, and Greedy will get on SportsCenter for doing something awesome.

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