OK, We Get It, Our Defense Sucks

dave@friarblog —  March 2nd, 2010 2:53 PM
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We’ve known about the Friars defensive problems since way back in November (remember the undermanned BC lay up line?).  Unfortunately, as the competition in conference play stiffened as the season continued on, we haven’t seen much improvement.  Jim Donaldson of the Providence Journal apparently just figured this out, since he writes a piece on defensive pretty much every other day now.

Well, now things are so bad everyone in the national media is piling on, and even ESPN announcers are ripping into the team during broadcasts of other games.  During last night’s Georgetown vs. West Virginia game, a conversation between Jay Bilas and Bill Raftery about Greg Monroe’s passing ability turned into, you guess it, Providence’s defense.

Here is the following exchange:

Sean McDonough: Monroe Leads the nation in assists for players that are 6 9 or taller, and is just under 4 assists per game.  He had a 12 assist game against Providence College earlier this year.  The only center in BIG EAST history to have a double figure assist game.

Jay Bilas: Isn’t it amazing though all the BIG EAST players who are getting career highs in everything against Providence?

Bill Raftery: Defensively they’ve had their problems.

Jay Bilas: That is…that’s their problem.  That’s the worst defensive team I’ve ever seen in the BIG EAST.

Bill Raftery: Wow. 

Bill Raftery: You didn’t see us when I was coaching. Thank you very much.  You were too busy being recruited!

Happy March folks!

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