Lacy and Still Charged with Felony Assault After Beating Student

dave@friarblog —  April 12th, 2010 5:06 PM
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Just when we thought the days of disasters like the “Prime Time Incident” were over, the Providence College basketball program finds itself a part another disturbing event.

Update: PC suspends 2 hoop players in alleged assault

Johnnie Lacy, 20, of Milwaukee, Wis., and James Still, 19, of Detroit, Mich., were both charged with one count of felony assault and arraigned Monday morning in District Court, Providence. Bail was set for each at $10,000 with surety, or $1,000 cash. Neither had posted bail as of 10:30 a.m., according to the court.

At about 1:05 a.m. Monday, the Providence police responded to a reported assault at Eaton Street and Huxley Avenue, where they found Yerkin Abdrakhmanov, 21, with blood on his face, according to Maj. Thomas F. Oates III.

Jonnie Lacy already announced last week that he was transferring.  Anyone else still sad that we will not have a true back-up point guard now?  I’ll take our chances with another signing, kthnx.  Don’t let the door hit you….

James Still was a very raw freshman who most likely would have redshirted next season.  I guess that will be a non-issue, since if he is guilty as charged his days at Providence College will be over.

The ProJo also mentions a third player being involved (RUH ROH, Duke Mondy?) but not charged.

With Russ Permenter, Kyle Wright, Johnnie Lacy already gone, and Still most likely on the way out, Keno Davis only has Vincent Council, Duke Mondy, and Kadeem Batts left from the big 7 player class of ‘09.

I must say, with all of the rumors flying around during the season of fights occurring every other weekend, you start to wonder if any of them had any merit.  Despite all the good recruiting news Keno Davis has had of late, it seems that he still has some work to do with the players and instilling discipline throughout the program.  Yes, the season is over and Davis is not their babysitter, but the character of players he brought in for his first class seems incredibly questionable now.

More to come as this develops..

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