Expectations Low, Attention Little for Keno and Friars on BIG EAST Media Day

dave@friarblog —  October 20th, 2010 3:50 PM
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Even with a notorious offseason filled with juicy headlines involving player arrests, star players getting kicked off, and highly touted recruits controversially backing out of their Letter of Intents, it seems nobody has anything to say to coach Keno Davis at his table set up for BIG EAST Media Day.  This may be refreshing to Friar fans since we want to put everything behind us, but show our coach some respect!

Everyone seems to be flocking to the other coaches. Villanova Twitterer brianisawesome had this to say.

@brianisawesome: Lavin Wright and Calhoun have big crowds. Keno Davis? Nobody

This picture about sums it up though.

Really people? I know the team isn’t expected to finish very high, but I feel like there is plenty to get into with our coach. 

Under the radar.  We got everyone right where we want them!

H/T Johnny Jungle via Twitter

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