Goodman: Keno on Coaches Hot Seat

dave@friarblog —  October 27th, 2010 3:48 PM
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These guys’ jobs could be in jeopardy

Keno Davis, Providence: This may be premature, but a combination of off-the-court issues and a 12-19 mark last season has Davis needing to get things going. This is only his third season, but he needs to get moving in the right direction or else the Friar faithful will start to lose its patience.

Mick Cronin of Cincinnati was the only other BIG EAST coach on the list. 

There is no question that Keno needs to show improvement after last year’s defensive disaster.  This year seems to put the Friars in the same position starting the season last year — lots of newcomers and questions.  While the W’s will be tough to get in BIG EAST play, fans will be happy with any shred of defensive effort and the potential we see from the youngsters.  The recruiting front will also play a big role.  If the Friars land Tyler Harris next week (plus Keno already has 2 solid recruits locked in for next year), PC will be in a great position to keep upgrading the talent over the next few years.  It would definitely take the warmness out of Keno’s seat.

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