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dave@friarblog —  October 28th, 2010 2:37 PM
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Jeff Goodman: Top freshmen to watch in 2010-11

Unfortunately Gerard Coleman didn’t make this list, but I asked Goodman on Twitter how he stacked up against those guys.

Clippers Drop Opener in Ryan Gomes’ LA Debut

Griffin didn’t just make his NBA debut Wednesday night, exactly one year later than scheduled. He muscled and flew and stretched and finessed his way to 20 points and 14 rebounds in L.A.’s 98-88 loss at Staples Center.

Gomes started, but had an off game in 28 minutes of play.  He went 1-6 from the field, including 0-3 from downtown for a total of 2 points.  Unfortunately, he had a game worst -17 plus/minus rating.  Did he watch too much Greedy Peterson last year? Roster Preview: Vincent Council

Where he and Council could really connect is the instinctual side of the game.  While both are blessed with obvious physical skills, what could make this duo a handful isn’t sheer athleticism, but their basketball instincts. While the open court opportunities will make Providence fun to watch on many nights, their basketball IQ could one day make this team both exciting and very good.  Both are capable of making good decisions while playing at a frenetic pace, and like Council before him, Coleman’s instincts become more impressive the more you watch him.

VUHoops: Big East Preview – Prologue

Comments: Gerard Coleman is clearly the cream of the crop of new recruits and shooting guard was one of the Friars’ biggest needs. Coleman and Joseph Young figure to be the most-likely freshmen to see significant minutes in their first season. Brice Kofane may also fight his way up the rotation int he front-court.

You don’t know how much I want this paragraph to be true.  Damn you Joe Young’s dad! Damn you to hell.

Jay Williams (fomer Duke player and ESPN College Basketball Analyst) Heading to PC Today

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