Once Again, Providence Considered "Field" in BIG EAST Vegas Odds

dave@friarblog —  October 29th, 2010 1:05 AM
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I know I ranted about this last year, but a recent post over at the blog Rush the Court brought up all the Vegas Odds for the winners of the six major conferences for the upcoming season.  Once again, for some inexplicable reason every BIG EAST team but four have their own odds listed.

There’s something particularly disdainful about not being considered good enough to get your own line-item odds in a conference listing.  Yet DePaul, South Florida, Providence and Cincinnati– take a bow.   You’re part of the Big East “field.”  Hey, give us Gus Gilchrist, Marshon Brooks, Yancy Gates and Cashmere Wright to start a team with, and we might just come in sixth in this league. 

Rutgers may have the worst odds (+1800), but hey at least they have their own listing!

Here are the full odds for winning the BIG EAST regular season title (in money lines)

Connecticut    +1500 

Georgetown    +650 

Louisville    +800

Marquette    +1200 

Notre Dame    +1000

Pittsburgh    +250

Rutgers    +1800

Seton Hall    +1000

St Johns    +1200

Syracuse    +500

Villanova    +250

West Virginia    +800

Field    +1000

For those feeling really lucky, one can also place a bet on the Providence Friars to win the National Championship.   We are looking at a nice +20,000 money line, which is the exact same line we had to start last season.   That means, if you put down $100 bucks on the Friars to win it all, you would win $20,000 if Keno cut down the nets in April.  Hey, it’s better than the +50,000 line PC had two years ago!  It seems 20,000 is their stopping point nowadays, as numerous other teams have that (including fellow BIG EAST team Seton Hall).

So, who’s feeling lucky?


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