ESPNU Rankings Updated, Tyler Harris Drops a Tad

dave@friarblog —  November 3rd, 2010 9:42 PM
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Not that this should dissuade Friartown from wanting a verbal from 2011 PF Tyler Harris, but the ESPNU Rankings were just updated and he is now out of the Top 100. The previous rankings had him at #74 overall. The 6”8’ 185lb lefty is now just rated 22nd at his position, and was downgraded from a 95 Scouts Grade to a 91 (and now at 3 stars down from 4).

According to their grading scale, here is where Harris now falls.

89-91: Mid-major plus prospect
Player is a fringe high-major recruit who contributes or a standout mid-level recruit.

These rankings fall in line with where Harris was rated on other scouting sites, such as Scout and Rivals.

I still think he sounds like he would be a solid get for Keno and staff (I’ve never seen him play, just going on what I’ve been reading from people who know way more about basketball than I).  The Top-100 tag is definitely a nice thing to tout (for attracting future recruits higher in the rankings and as comfort for us fans), but he is still the same player the staff initially targeted.  He also has a full senior season to put in.  We’ve also seen a few Top 100 guys come PC’s way (or in Joe Young’s case, not come our way) and not pan out (Brewington, Brown, DeSean White etc), so who knows with these young kids?  A 6”8’ wing who can shoot and score with the potential to add some more weight and develop into a really good player? Sign me up.

Tyler Harris will announce his decision on Friday.  His final choices are PC, NC State, and Iowa. 

H/T Dave Telep via Twitter

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